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Viajar por España sin saber español

Viajar por España sin saber ni "papa" de Español

Jul. 31, 2017

Traveling to Spain Without Speaking Spanish.

If you don’t know a word in Spanish or if you speak “Muy Poquito”, you can still enjoy a good vacation in Spain.

Many tourist decide to visit Spain every year. The warm weather, sunny days, loads of culture and warm and charming people and not only the beaches, make this country a really interesting place to visit. But we all know Spanish is not that easy!

Well, if you are traveling to a touristic area, most of the people will speak proper English, but that is not so common in the country or small towns. 

There are also many ex-pats in Spain, specially in the east and southern coasts, so it won’t be difficult to find British, German, Norwegian (and many others) communities in this area. Specially in golf resorts by the sea, where you will probably find more expats than locals though.

As a curiosity, San Fulgencio is a small town in Alicante where more than 80% of the population are expats. As you can imagine, most of the business are opened by expats and all services are offered in English and Spanish.

So if you are planning to travel to Spain and you don’t speak Spanish, don’t hesitate to try the coast, you won’t have any problems to communicate. And if you speak a little Spanish, then go and meet the locals, they are welcoming and language exchange groups are available all over the country. So improve your Spanish and practice as you travel and discover Spain.



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