¿How many miles can I do with the car?

At Dickmanns we work with one of the broadest mileage policy in the market, allowing you to enjoy your experience without worrying about distances.

Bear in mind that it must expire with the following requisites as the office of collection of the car

Airports of Alicante, Valencia, Murcia and Los Alcázares and Torrevieja branch offices.

Limited mileage: 250Km/day

If you are thinking about doing a lot of kilometres, please keep in mind that you will have to return to the office to change the car before reaching 1500Km. If you do not return the car before reaching the limit of 1500Km, a penalty of 0.4€/Km will be applied. Please also keep in mind that when changing the vehicle, any extras that you had will have to be added again in the new contract. In the case that an excess was left in the first contract, an excess will be required to be left in the new, second contract.

 We offer the possibility of buying different packages to extend the km:

+500 km              = 40.-€

+1000km             = 70.-€

+1500km             = 100.-€

 Airport of Madrid 

Limited mileage: bookings of 1-3 days: 350km/day, 4-6 days: 250km/day, 7-14days: 150km/day, 15+days: 100km/day. Price per additional km: 0.45€.

The kilometres limit will be charged in correspondance to the number of days used/rented.