The return of the rental car

The place, hour and date of the return, they remember with the client according to its needs and stay in writing in the rent contract. 

When these terms are fulfilled, the client must deliver the car and the process changes according to the place where it is realized. In the airports of Madrid, Alicante and Valencia the client must leave the vehicle in the treeless one (that is the place or areas where we have our vehicles fleet parked) and the person in charge of our personnel will take it to the terminal. 

In the airport of Murcia we are provided with a Mobile office, the client in this case must leave the vehicle inside the parking lot, then it must deliver the keys and the ticket of the parking lot in the mobile office. For the offices as in Moraira and Torrevieja the vehicle is delivered straight in the office at the hour agreed for the return, the client in this case must take into consideration the working hours and attention of our offices. 

The return process in general is quite rapid, Nevertheless; we understand that any mishap could arise to our client and offer a complimentary period of 59 min later at the end of the hour fixed for the return. also, as recommendation we suggest to our clients to foresee one (1) hour for the achievement of the process of delivery with what there can be avoided the loss of the flight or changes in its trip itinerary being the case that presents some delay to itself in the return.