Reservation process

Check the list of questions and take the opportunity to learn about related topics. Here we check the surroundings with the procedure for preparing your car hire at Dickmanns. In case you do not find the answer you are looking for, please contact us.

Who can rent a car?

The basic requisites that you must bear in mind to know if you can realize a satisfactory reservation in dickmanns when you want to rent a car are:

¿How can I request a personalised quote?

We work to offer you the best service, tell us the special features of your trip and send you a budget that fits your needs.

¿Can I cancel my reservation, do I have to pay?

Carefully review the cancellation process of the reservation, it is very simple and has no cost to the client, however it is important to notify in advance for speeding the management of the fleet

¿How can I change my booking?

If you have reserved straight with dickmanns, it is possible to realize modifications, even if it is desirable to extend the initial rent period when the vehicle has already been gathered.

Maximum and minimum time of a rental contract

On our website, we reserve a maximum of 28 days, but you can contact us if you need a longer period. If this is the case, the rental agreement can have a maximum duration of 89 days.