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General Terms And Conditions

The present general conditions are applicable to clients of Dickmanns Rent to car hire the services of lease of cars. To our client, who appears as starter in the rent contract and receives the vehicle under the agreed conditions and in perfect conditions, we will suggest to attend carefully on the details of the described services next.

Basic Requisites For The Rent

What items must you bear in mind to choose a charge?

  • Assistance tariff in highway. 
  • Airport supplements. 
  • Tariff only going or One-way.
  • Tax. 
  • Politics of unlimited Mileage.
  • Coverage and Insurances against damages for collision, to third or for theft. 
  • The age of the drivers: low lease general conditions, between 26 and 74 years, age of young drivers: between 21 and 25, age of major drivers: between 75 and 99 years.

Suggestion for the achievement of the reservation: 

  • If you are our client and your age does not enter the definite status, to realize the reservation of the car you must choose the option of young or major driver. Bear in mind that, in case of being applied, this valuation will be included in the price of the rent and it will have to pay at the arrival in our office. 
  • To realize the reservation and to make use of a car bear in mind that your driving license must count with minimum a year of antiquity without serious incidents. 
  • If your driving license is not printed on Latin alphabet (that is to say, if it is in Arab, Greek, Russian or Chinese), you will have to present an international driving license together with your national permission.

The deposit and the forms of payment


We accept credit and debit payment cards, with the exception of American Express, PayPal and rechargeable payment cards. Please note that credit card payments are subject to a €4.95 surcharge. 

If the customer wish to avoid this surcharge, the customer can pay with debit card, although if the customer use this payment system the customer will be required to take out additional Premium Plus coverage and the fuel tank payment. 

The cardholder must be the main driver of the vehicle. Rental and additional charges will be made in the currency chosen by the customer, accepting operations in multiple currencies, subject to the conditions of the Bank managing the payment.

Charges for inadequate use

Our client under the contractual agreement, with posteriority in conclusion of the rent of the vehicle, promises to pay away from Dickmanns the amounts that are a consequence of the following concepts: 

  1. The expenses derived in case of a “special cleanliness" is considered to be necessary, as a result of the return of the vehicle in the clearly inadequate state will have a maximum amount of 150€. 

  2. In the cases of loss, break, return of the keys of the vehicle in an office different from that of effective return, or any other situation by which the vehicle is paralyzed for motives attributable to the client. 

  3. The amount of transfer of the vehicle with a crane in the cases in which this expense is not covered because the client has not hired the additional coverages that cover these assumptions. 

  4. The expenses derived from the loss, the theft, the deterioration or the damages of any element of the vehicle, or of the finished vehicle, as well as the problems derived from an error in the type of replenished fuel. 

  5. The tolls, fines, sanctions and judicial expenses motivated by infractions of traffic or of laws, regulations or ordinances which the client could have incurred during the duration of the present Contract. 

  6. Dickmanns reserves the right to charge the client 50 € for the administrative costs that has had to take up office as a result of the handling charge and communication before the pertinent authorities of the above mentioned inobservant acts.

  7. The costs of repair of the damages: when the vehicle was not used in accordance with the established conditions. That the report of accident had not been completed and sent to Dickmanns in the special term or that it does not fit to the reality of the produced facts. That the damages are the result of an accident owed for lack of attention in the conduction, unskillfulness or negligence of the driver, or that has not evaluated correctly the dimensions of the vehicle (high place or breadth). That the corresponding additional coverage had not been hired. 

    To obtain more information it checks the list of tariffs

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Fuel Policy

The fuel charge is calculated based on the capacity of the fuel tank of the vehicle rented. In case of an upgrade, the fuel charge will be that corresponding to the vehicle received, which may be different from the vehicle that the customer reserved. The rates indicated below must be chosen when making the customers reservation, and included in the voucher from the corresponding Agency. An additional charge will be made if the customer choose a different rate when the vehicle is delivered. The fuel price will be calculated according to the table on the Dickmanns Rent a Car website.

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