¿What documents will I need to pick up the car?

We recommend that our clients gather the documentation before approaching the office where they will carry out the process of collecting the vehicle for rent, so that we can expedite the process, avoiding unnecessary delays and allowing you to enjoy your vacations in full. The moment you arrive at our offices, the next step is to approach the counter and the specialized staff will be in charge of the review and validation of the documents for the delivery of the car.

To realize the process of collection of the vehicle, in the counter of our offices three (3) documents as base are requested to gather the vehicle: 

  1. A Valid Identity document in Spain like the Passport, ID card or NIE. 
  2. The driver's license of the holder of the contract, which debit to be provided with a minimal antiquity of 12 months 
  3. A valid way to realize the payment, if he wants to consult the payment means with those that he arranges clicks here

For legal motives it is indispensable to present the documents in western alphabets or in its defect to go accompanied by a sworn translation legitimizes on a global scale. Also, bear in mind that we meet disabled persons to receive and to accept any document that is a photocopy.