¿How can I change my booking?

If you have reserved straight with Dickmanns, it is possible to realize modifications, even if it is desirable to extend the initial rent period when the vehicle has already been gathered. 

It is important to bear in mind that: 

  • This extension is subject to the availability of the vehicles. 
  • To realize the modification of date it is needed to sign an extension of the contract, reason for which; the client must approach any of our offices to sign the new contract. 
  • For legal motives, Dickmanns can extend any contract either by phone, nor for any other mass communication media electronics. 
  • At the moment of carrying the extension of the contract out it is probable that the client should carry out an additional payment as the number of additional days because the above mentioned extension fits to the current tariffs at the moment of signing the new contract. 

It is important that the client gets in touch with the company to express its intention of increasing the days of its rent while its contract is in force to avoid penalizations.