What cars categories does Dickmanns offer?

At present in Dickmanns Rent to car we are provided with a fleet composed by nearly 3000 vehicles formed by diverse types of cars and of marking, offering to our clients an options fan for its rent. 

We work under the standards defined by ACRISS to classify our vehicles, with the target that our clients receive the information necessary for the moment of taking the decision to rent a car, achieving that they realize its reservation with confidence and full knowledge of the services, the equipment and the serviceability that there offers the vehicle that they have chosen.

Example of code acriss

Since it appears in the image, the code is composed by four letters that define the category, type, transmission and if it is provided or not with air conditioning. We are provided with fourteen (14) changes available for labeling cars that can be used like search criteria by our clients.

Codes standard for the classification of the cars

The types of cars with which we have in our offices qualify with the following codes: EDMR, EDMD, EDAR, ECMR, EBMR, CWMR, CMMR, CDMR, CDAR, CCMR, SVMR, MDMR, JVMD, FVMR.

First letter
Second letter Third letter Fourth letter
 M = mini  B = 2 - 3 doors  M = manual   R= air conditioning 
 E = economy  C = 2 - 4 doors  A =  automatic  N = without AC
 C = Compact  D = 4 - 5 doors    E =  electric motor + AC
 I = Intermediate  W = wagon - estate    
 S = standart  V = passenger van    
 F = fullsize  L = limousine    
 P = premium  S = sport    
 L = luxury  T = cabrio    
 X = special  F = SUV (4x4)    
 J = intermediate elite   X = Special    
   P = pickup    
   Y = 2 - wheel vehicle