What is a car without a franchise?

The franchise / excess in the processes of booking a car, refers to a certain amount of money that determines the company, by which the client or lessee happens to be his own insurer. That is, the client with this amount of money will bear the part of the damages that correspond to him in case of any incident.

How does the franchise or excess work when you rent a car in Dickmanns?

In this case, the price of the insurance varies depending on the part of the "risk" that you want to assume. In Dickmanns the amount to be deposited by the franchise is agreed depending on the category and the group of the rented vehicle for example, according to the group the estimated price is:

  • Group  B to D 1100 €
  • Group E, F and FT 1300 €
  • Group  H  1850 €
  • Group I 2000 €

The amount of the franchise will be returned once it has been proven that the vehicle is in the same conditions that it was delivered.