How do the cars gather together in Dickmanns?

The cars group in dickmanns is realized according to the size of the vehicle, of this form we facilitate to our clients the capture of decision with regard to the car that they must choose according to its needs. Every group is provided with the allocation of a letter that identifies them, then: 

  • The group B corresponds to the cars more child of the fleet, which are provided with three (3) doors. 
  • The group BB is assigned for the small cars that are provided with five (5) doors. 
  • The group BC there are cars a little bigger than the group B and they count sound of three (3) doors. 
  • The group BD is provided with five (5) doors, in addition to a wide porter. 
  • The group CA is provided with five (5) doors and is automatic. 
  • The group CC is provided with five (5) doors but with a Manual gearbox. 
  • The group CD is provided with five (5) doors, has a wide trunk. 
  • The group D counts with five (5) doors that it is a big big car. 
  • The group v with five (5) doors and it has automatic gearbox. 
  • The group E they are They them Minigo of five (5) squares, 
  • The group F Station wagon, station wagon. 
  • The group FT vans are a type VW Caddie or Citroen Berlingo. 
  • The group H are cars of seven 7 passengers. 
  • The group I are cars of 9 passengers.
Family of the Group Gruop Special Group Code acriss
   B Fiat 500   
   BB   Fiat panda, Hyundai  M D M R
   BC  Ford fiesta three 3 doors  E B M R
   BD  Nissan micra five 5 passengers  E C M R
   CA  Fiat punto, VW polo, Ford fiesta five 5 passengers automatic.  E D A R
   CC  R. Clio, C.C3, O. Corsa, F. Fiest five 5 passengers  E D M R
 CD - DN  CD  VW polo, N. note, H, jazz,   C C M R
 CN  CN  Opel corsa nav.  E D M D
 CD-DN  D  F. Focus, C. C4, R. Megane  C D M R
   DA  Citroen C4 automatic  C D A R
   E  F. Cmax five 5 passengers  F V M R
   F  VW Golf Variant  C W M R
   FT  Citroen Berlingo, Fiat Dobló  C M M R
   Ford Cmax 7 passengers  J V M D
   I  Mercedes Benz vito 9 passengers