What should I do in case of an accident with the car?

The lessee undertakes to immediately inform Dickmanns rent a car immediately of any loss and to notify him immediately of any such notice to the said incident and to provide full cooperation to the lessor and the insurance company in the investigation and defense of any claim and proceeding.

In case of an accident you must take into account that:

You are committed to obtain and return to our market within 10 hours after any accident, collision, robbery, fire or vandalism, complete data of the opposing party and possible witnesses, completing an accident, in the form of a "Accident Friendly Declaration".

In case of vandalism, fire, theft or disappearance of the vehicle:

These are committed to immediately inform our company, the fact and to file before the authorities the corresponding complaint, a copy of which should be sent to us as soon as possible.

In the event of damage to the vehicle, which makes it incapable of operation, the contract taker must park the vehicle correctly and approach one of our nearest offices to take another vehicle.


Dickmanns as lessor may refuse the delivery of a vehicle when after damage or loss of the vehicle originally delivered, our client does not assume his share of responsibility or refuses to pay damages produced if these are his fault.

The maximum responsibility of the customer will be the value of the vehicle in the market, according to the maximum price established in the guide Ganvam in force at the time of the accident.

Failure to carry out all the above points will mean the payment by the lessee of the damaged parts of the vehicle at the time of its return.

For more information please read the general conditions