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Tips to driving in low visibility conditions | Dickmanns Rent a Car

We at Dickmanns are committed to road safety.

Oct. 19, 2018

We at Dickmanns are committed to road safety, that’s the reason why we check every key aspect in terms of safety on every car we rent out, every time, no matter what.

But even though, it is good to know how to drive safer, and we would like to share some recommendations to our customers.

Daylight in winter is shorter and it is necessary to be careful when driving in low visibility conditions. Here are some tips to be safe while driving this winter.


It is very important to check the car lights every month during winter, it will just take a few minutes and it can make the difference in an emergency situation on the road.

Low temperatures, heavy rain, fog, low light… it can be really dangerous to drive sometimes, but a good maintenance on your car will make your trip safer.

First of all, you should clean the windshield of your car very often, condensation will probably leave some dirt on the glass and that will not help! Use a clean soft towel with clean water and then dry it wit cellulose or blueroll. We do not recommend any chemicals or soap to clean the windshield, it is likely to leave a thin layer of oily product and it will easily condensate water on it. This is not only important when the weather is bad, if it is sunny (And it is likely to be sunny in Spain) sun will reflect on dirt glasses, making it really dangerous when driving at high speed. If you are driving over 80 Kmh / 50 mph or if temperatures are under 3ºC avoid using the windscreen washer.

Check your headlights, regulate them so you are able to see ahead without dazzling the oncoming drivers. If your lights are set too low you won’t be able to see in the distance, and if the are too high you will probably be blinded when driving under heavy rain or fog, this is because lights will reflect the water in front of you and you won’t be able to see the road.

If fog lights are available on your ride, use the front lights in rainy conditions, but try to avoid using the rear fog lights unless it is really necessary, it will blind drivers behind you and specially your rear view, making it really risky if any other cars are getting closer on a different lane. So try to use them ONLY on heavy rain or fog conditions at night.

It is always important to allow a good clearance between you and the car ahead, but specially with heavy rain or low temperatures, it will take longer to stop the car in an emergency! Our tip? Stay at least three seconds behind the vehicle that is directly in front of you.


Try to avoid pools on the sides of the road, and if it is strictly necessary to cross them, drive slow and cross it with both tyres, it is easier to loose control of the car if one side has a good grip and the other one is on the water.

These are just a few tips, but we have more! Ask our colleagues when picking up your car at our branches and they will be happy to advise you according to the weather conditions.

Now you only have to #EnjoyTheRide on a Dickmanns car.



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