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Is 3D the future of Pedestrian Crossing?

Almussafes, a small town near Valencia is introducing the very first 3D pedestrian crossing in Spain.

July 11, 2018

The goal of this pedestrian crossing is to improve security in the city, as drivers instinctively brake when they first see this 3D crossing.

The thermo-melting paint used in this crossing is 12x more durable than traditional painting, as it melts on the road with high temperatures, making it cheaper than traditional crossing paintings.

This 3D pedestrian crossing can be found in Ausiàs March street, one of the most concurred roads in town, very close to medical and cultural centres and municipal swimming pool.

Spanish company TECNOL installs this kind of 3D pedestrian crossing making the driver see 3 to 5 blocks on the road as if it was an elevated crossing. This causes the driver braking instinctively when seen in the distance.

“We are experimenting with this revolutionary technology  to improve the road safety for both drivers and pedestrians and we keep working on the road accidents prevention”

declared Mr. Toni Gonzalez, major of Almussafes.

The results of this project will be evaluated by the town hall in order to study installing it in the rest of the crossings in town.

The idea was first installed in countries such as Iceland, India or Germany, but it took a bit longer to be tried in Spain as this specific pedestrian crossing is both 3D and thermo-melting.



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