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Celebrating Hogueras 2017

As every year, Alicante celebrates their traditional Hogueras on San Juan night. An unforgettable experience that shares Alicante with all its visitors in the month of June!

June 15, 2017
Hogueras en alicante 2017 con Dickmanns

Alicante is well known for their Hogueras celebration. A night where every corner of the city is invaded by art and soon to be burned monuments.

Artists spend a whole year creating breath taking monuments in wood and paper called bonfires, representing traditions and everyday life in Alicante, and also humorous ninots (these wooden and paper figures) representing politics and satire images. 

All of this work is then burnt during the night of the 24th of June, to put all of this in the past and getting ready to start a new year.

But Hogueras is not just fire, it is sun, happiness, beauty and art. Women in Alicante dream to represent their bonfire as their Beauty. They are the queens and are selected by the members of their bonfire. Since a Beauty is the representative of a particular commission, there are near 90 Beauties and so many Infantile Beauties in Alicante. A Beauty can have two or four Honour Ladies in her commission.

There are certain Honour Ladies for the whole city. The Beauty of the Fire (Bellea del Foc) is the queen of the festival in all the city and there are also six Ladies of the Fire (Damas del Foc).

On top of that, during the previous week there is a firework contest everyday at 14:00 at luceros square, called Mascletà. in these events, loads of fireworks are fired in four different acts (Start, body, earthquake and air show)  to stimulate the body through strong rhythmic sounds of masclets (Fireworks).

Hogueras is definitively a celebration to witness, Alicante looks great during these days and food, fire, sun, beach, noise, humor, love and welcoming people invade the city in a week that will remain in your memory forever.



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