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Destination: Alicante

Sun, beach, tradition and gastronomy meet Alicante visitors on their arrival to make them feel alt home.

Nov. 12, 2018

Sun, beach, tradition and gastronomy meet Alicante visitors on their arrival to make them feel alt home.

Alicante is one of the most visited cities in Spain, and it is logic if we talk abut weather, warm in winter and hot in summer.

Really close to the sea and with no mountains around, the fresh sea breeze is perceptible all over Alicante, which makes the city a really nice place to walk around anytime of the year.


Powerful, over Alicante pier, you will find “Monte Benacantil” and Alicante Castle, an outstanding place to gaze at the city and the sea surrounded by history.

Another nice place to visit is Alicante Pier. Here is where the Volvo Ocean Race Starts and where you can find the museum of the competition. Also, coffees, restaurants and ice cream bars have their terraces there where you can have meal or drink contemplating Alicante from the sea.


Don’t miss Alicante palm groove, a gorgeous park in the south of the city, also by the sea and full of palm trees, a river and a lake to enjoy with the family on a small boat. Walking around is something really hard to forget.

During the month of June, Alicante celebrates Hogueras de San Juan, finishing on the 24th when fire set the beginning of summer.

Don’t forget about the museums you can find in Alicante. Marq (The Archeological Museum of Alicante) is in the heart of the city, containing permanent and temporary exhibitions showing the most important archeological discoveries of the region and the world.

For those who enjoy the local tradition and festivities, in Rambla Mendez Nuñez, one of the main avenues in town, you will find the “Museum Fester” where you can learn more about the local festivities and specially, Hogueras.

And literally, on top of that, the showrooms of Alicante Castle will host temporary exhibitions during the whole year. Check them out when planning your visit!


No need to say that alicante has a gorgeous coast and obviously, great mediterranean beaches.

In the city centre we will find Postiget Beach, right by the Pier. One of the most iconic beaches of the area because the location as you can sunbath by Alicante Castle. It is also very important because it hosts the fireworks contest by the end of june.

On your way north you will find a small but gorgeous beach called “Albufereta”, we. Strongly recommend to witness a sunrise there.

San Juan Beach is the biggest in Alicante. Fine sand, clear water and every service around make this beach one of the most visited in the region. It is like paradise on earth.



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