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Our blog is a space dedicated to our clients, here we share information of interest so that you plan your vacations, you will find topics related to local festivals, gastronomy, cars, tips for your stay, besides the explanation of many processes on the rental process of Cars and the reservation on our website. We'd love to hear from you, leave a comment if we've been helpful!

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How to make an authentic Spanish Sangría

food sangria recipe lifestyle spain rentacar tourism

Sangría is probably the most famous Spanish beverage around the world and here is the recipe of the traditional Spanish summer drink.


Typical Dishes for Spanish Christmas.

spanish food christmas typicalspanish

Christmas in Spain has an special taste. On these days, Spaniards treat themselves with delicious food, exquisite drinks and spirits and the best sweets you can imagine.

churros y castañas en España

Chocolate with churros and roasted chestnuts typical in Spain

spain Alicante food Travel

Autumn arrives in Spain, the streets are flooded with stalls where you can buy two typical sweets that warn us about the arrival of winter.

Gastronomía en Valencia

Gastronomic Autumn in Valencia | Dickmanns Rent a Car

Valencia food

Autumn is still synonymous with good weather in Valencia. Why not make a quick getaway to enjoy the sun, beach and best cuisine?


10 Superb Spanish Dishes | Dickmanns Rent a Car

Murcia food SanJavier

Touristic areas are packed with thousands of good restaurants, but most of them are fully booked and the service is not always great in these busy summer days.


Top 5 Beaches in Aguilas (Murcia) | Dickmanns Rent a Car

airport food Aguilas spain Murcia SanJavier tourism beaches

Aguilas, in the very south of the coast of Murcia, has loads of charming beaches. And after visiting all of them on a Dickmanns Rented car, we are going to show you the top 5 beaches you can visit.


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