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Our blog is a space dedicated to our clients, here we share information of interest so that you plan your vacations, you will find topics related to local festivals, gastronomy, cars, tips for your stay, besides the explanation of many processes on the rental process of Cars and the reservation on our website. We'd love to hear from you, leave a comment if we've been helpful!

churros y castañas en España

Chocolate with churros and roasted chestnuts typical in Spain

spain Alicante food Travel

Autumn arrives in Spain, the streets are flooded with stalls where you can buy two typical sweets that warn us about the arrival of winter.

Mula en Murcia, España

Mula traditional four squares market

Murcia alquilerdecoches tourism Autumn

Every second Sunday of the month, the town of Mula in Murcia, holds their traditional artisan market. Dozens of craftworkers come to Mula to show and sell their handcrafted goods


Tips to Eco-Driving

Madrid Eco-driving

Nowadays, environment needs each one of us to do a bit for it. So if you want to protect the planet and give your wallet a break, here are some tips to eco-friendly driving.


Five places to get lost around Valencia and Castellón this November.

November Valencia rentacar

Pick up your car at our branch in Valencia Airport and discover this five magical places we have selected for you. Weather in autumn is warm and landscapes look gorgeous with the fall.


Cocentaina All Saints Fair. 1st - 5th November

Cocentaina Alicante Todoslossantos2017

You can enjoy a different weekend when visiting one of the most famous and ancient fairs in Alicante area, around 140K square meters and fill. The All saints fair of Cocentaina, in the north of Alicante is considered a touristic attraction in Spain.


Tips to Optimize space on your car’s trunk

Alicante Valencia Travel

f so, you are probably guessing if everything will fit in the trunk of your rented car, so here are a fe tips to pack the trunk to optimize space.


Business travel accommodations, getting more homey.

Alicante Travel Business Homey

Business travelers nowadays are changing somehow the way of traveling. Not only in the way the get from one place to another, but specially in the way they stay.


Upcoming events of Autumn - Winter in Alicante that you can not miss

Alicante Autumn

If you are organizing your schedule so as not to miss the upcoming events in Alicante we tell you what are the most important events of the following months.


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