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10 Reasons to visit Mojacar | Dickmanns Rent a Car

The beauty of the image of Mojácar, a majestic melting pot of a cluster of white houses, clinging to the very end of the Sierra de Cabrera foothills.

Oct. 17, 2018

1 The Town.

The beauty of the image of Mojácar, a majestic melting pot of a cluster of white houses, clinging to the very end of the Sierra de Cabrera foothills, surprises us as soon as we arrive. Then, once we enter the maze of narrow and beautiful streets, every corner captivates us and shows us both the privacy of the past and the most beautiful horizons from the viewing points.


2 The Sea.

Seventeen kilometres of coastline make Mojácar an ideal place to enjoy its beaches. Many of them have been awarded the FEE Blue Flag for quality. Practicing water sports and relaxing in protected coves are possibilities which the municipality offers.


3 The Weather

The standard of living which Mojácar’s special microclimate gives us has become one of the Mediterranean’s best kept secrets. The sunshine, the Mediterranean and the protective mountains guarantee both winters and summers are mild and gentle.

4 Services

Mojácar’s modern hotels, both in the village and on the beach, are complemented by family-run and rural establishments. As well as hotels there are restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, leisure offers, etc. as well as health and security services, etc,. all aimed at ensuring the visitor enjoys their visit and all their needs are met.

5 History.

Mojácar’s historical past, which is evident from its walls, draws us and propels us from prehistoric times to the 20th century on an interesting and informative tour.

6 Sport.

Mojácar offers countless opportunities for practicing sports. It boasts the latest facilities. In Mojacar you can do sport year-round, including hiking, mountain biking, cycling, horse riding, cycling, golf, tennis and paddle tennis, soccer, surfing, sailing, swimming, etc..

7 Gastronomy.

The variety and quality of Mojácar’s cuisine can be enjoyed throughout the year in restaurants and bars in the village and in the beach area. Products of the land and sea, cooked simply, international dishes, along with traditional and very elaborate recipes, are on offer to the most discerning palates.


8 Festivals.

Mojácar, quiet and calm, becomes very lively during its festivals, in which are evident its past, its culture and the art of its people. Of special note are Carnival (February), St. Augustine (August) and Moors and Christians (June), the latter a very beautiful and colourful re-enactment of historical events.

9 Art.

Art, in its many forms has a special predilection for this corner of south-eastern Almería. Its light, its charm, its landscape and the special atmosphere which comes from a multicultural society, make Mojácar an ideal place for creating. Proof of this is the many artists who have chosen Mojácar in which to live and create. In addition, two major art foundations have been established here.

10 The People.

Since ancient times many peoples and cultures have lived in this municipality, an area covered by all. Mojácar, due to the lookout position of its village, its coast, its mild climate and its current standard of living,is a very appreciated place. Its people have an open and friendly character, used to sharing and chatting with visitors, who in many cases end up as neighbours.



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