How to avoid paying the franchise?

There is the possibility of contracting with Dickmanns rent a Car an extra coverage with which the clients have the possibility to "avoid this franchise or excess". The hiring of our Premium Coverage can be made by booking directly on our website by choosing the rate with this option or, if you have managed your reservation with third parties when the vehicle is ready to pick up the vehicle, will be offered by our agents.

What does Premium Coverage include?

It is a coverage, which allows you to travel with ease, where you will not have unforeseen costs during your vacation with the following coverage.

  • Telephone support 24 hours.
  • Breakage of external crystals.
  • Rearview mirror.
  • Damage to wheels and tires.
  • Service Road assistance.
  • Sheet metal damages per use.
  • 1 hour courtesy courtesy of the return of your vehicle.
  • Damage to the locks.
  • Hubcaps and antennas.